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deviation in storage by ZAFTs-Prince


Moon’s POV

“That was some great  fighting” I smiled at Camaro as I got bandaged up by the local Audino. Suddenly my parents barged in on us. “We came as soon as we heard.” My dad, a mightyena, said looking me over. “How could you do this to her” My mom, a raichu, asked Camaro sparking angerly. “Hey I didn’t hurt her” Camaro told her backing up slightly.

“mmm….” She stared intently at my new friend. “its true mom. He saved me. These pokemon attacked us and he saved me” I told her hoping she eased up on Camaro. Luckily she did. “Hey dad….” I started nervously. “Could he possibly stay with us for a little while?” I finished asking looking up at my dad to see his reaction. “well….” He looked over my mom and she nodded. “yeah I suppose.” He said. “really?” my face lit up and I smiled at Camaro. “Uh thanks” Camaro said.

It was only a short walk to our home. “Come on” I grinned at Camaro as I led the way to my room. “I wanted to talk to you about something” I asked shyly laying down in my bed. “what is it?” He asked the curiosity obvious in his voice. “well I was wondering if maybe you wanted to start a team with me. We can help all kinds of pokemon and even get paid doing it”

Camaro’s POV

I tossed around the thought of forming a team. Maybe it’d be good to make up for my past. I shivered at the thought of the stuff I had done before becoming a pokemon. “Yeah I’ll join.” I agreed. “We will need a team name” moon pointed out. “Maybe Team lightning?” I suggested. It got a giggle out of Moon. “Maybe” She smiled. “we can sleep on it. Its getting dark anyway.” She motioned to another bed in the room.
Moon’s POV

It wasn’t long before we found the end but before we reach it a dark ball flew past my ear and exploded in front of us. “watch out” Camaro yelled as another dark ball exploded behind us. We both dived in opposite directions. “whats going on?” I asked looking around scared. There was an evil laugh from a couple pokemon but I couldn’t see anyone.

Then I heard something heading for Camaro. It was a Gengar. “Look! Out?” I started to warn him when I saw him easily dodge the shadow punch. Wow is that guy fast.  I was so caught up in his fight that I didn’t notice this weaville sneak up on me. I yelped loudly as its claws slashed into my side sending me flying. Camaro slammed into both pokemon with volt tackle. I closed my eyes and curled into a ball as I was in the air just waiting to hit something. I heard a rush of air and then something soft and fuzzy wrapped itself around me.

It was a nice feeling at least it was till I slammed into the ground.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw that the soft feeling I felt was Camaro wrapping himself around me protecting me from the force of hitting the ground. Maybe this weird Jolteon wasn’t so bad after all. But he wasn’t moving. “Camaro? Camaro!” I started panicking not getting a response from him. Finally he started moving and I let out a sigh of relief.  “Are you okay?” I asked. “yeah I think so. Are you? You look like you’re going to start bleeding pretty good soon” He said getting to feet and shaking himself off. I looked down at where I had gotten hit by those sharp claws. “You’re right. We should get moving.” I said.

We started heading towards the exit of the dungeon. “So what was that all about?” Camaro asked. “I don’t know. Pokemon aren’t usually that aggressive.” I said stumped as well over the attack. We noticed the Caterpie that butterfree had lost in the crack after getting out we reunited them and started heading to my home. I hoped my parents wouldn’t be too upset bringing a strange guy home with me.
Traxxas Bandit upgrades by Camarokid82
Traxxas Bandit upgrades
So I bought a few upgrades a little while ago. The Bandit looks a whole lot better now.
???’s POV
“Hey! Are you okay?” a voice asked. I slowly opened my opened my eyes and looked around. I seemed to be on a beach but how in the world did I get here? “Hey are you okay?” the voice asked again. I finally noticed a pikachu, wait a pikachu that was speaking English? ‘The hell is going on?’ I asked myself. “Yeah I’m okay” I replied noticing it was a female pikachu, a grey one at that. “Oh good. I was worried you were hurt.” She smiled. “Why?” I asked. No one ever cared about me like that before. Why now?

“Because you were passed out on the beach silly” She giggled softly.  “Hey you got a name?” she asked tilting her head slightly. A name? What should I tell her? “Ummm…. My name is… is… Camaro” I answered after thinking a second. “Camaro? That’s a funny name for a jolteon with black fur” She giggled louder at it. Wait I was a human, but now I’m a black jolteon? What is going on here?

I slowly struggled to my feet. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked again. “Yeah just sore” I replied. Just then we both heard a scream off in the distance. “What was that?” She asked. “Let’s go see” I told her. I might not know much but I figured maybe if I acted nice she’d help me out. We soon found a butterfree that was panicking. “Hey what’s wrong?” The pikachu asked. “My baby. My baby fell into that crack!” she cried. “I know the entrance to that place” The pikachu chimed and raced off. I quickly followed her.

“In here” She pointed before heading in. I sure hope she knows where she’s going. I followed her closely and looked around. It wasn’t long before we found some stairs to the next level. “What is this place?” I asked. “it’s a dungeon. It’s a really cool place. You find tons of cool stuff in them” She replied. I nodded as I walked behind her.
Just making a parts list for a few of my cars.
Dragonfly (86 Nissan 300ZX)
TT Radiator
Silicone Radiator Piping
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Piston Rings
Head Gasket
ECU Tune
High Flow Fuel Pump
2 205/65/r15 Tires
Air Intake
Body Kit
Carbon Fiber Hood
Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors
Lowering Springs
Performance Shocks
Z32 Front and Rear Subframes
Lightweight Control Arms
Custom Exhaust

Nextgen(97 Chevy Camaro)
GT2 Camshaft
Body kit
Fiberglass Hood
Fiberglass Hatch
Lightweight K-member
Front and Rear Chromemoly Control Arms
Single Inlet Dual Outlet Exhaust
High Flow Cat
Lowering Springs
Performance Shocks
2 275/40/r17 Tires
Moser Axle Shafts
3:73 Gears
T56 Transmission
Heavy Duty Torque Arm
1 Piece Drive Shaft
8 Or 10 Point Chromemoly Roll Cage
1.8 or 1.9 Rocker Arms
Strut Tower Brace


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Favourite cartoon character: Pichu, Raichu
Personal Quote: Like these tail lights? Better cuz they're all your gonna see.

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